The World as Your Mirror

The 1st time I read this in a book, I thought it was a cute phrase but it did not mean much to me. But once I was truly on ...

Exercise Challenge – Make It Personal

  Keep it real, keep it challenging, keep it personally relevant to your life This advice can be used in many of your Life Areas but today I’m focusing in ...

Tips for Whole-Foods Based Vegan Nutrition

One of the great things about having my coaching business is that I’m constantly learning myself while also sharing tips & wisdom with others from my experiences! It’s a great ...


It’s Your Path

It’s Your Path One of the trickiest yet most freeing bits of ...

How do you handle holidays?

As I sat down to get this blog post ready, I thought ...

Choose To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Humans are creatures of habit, no doubt. And if those habits are ...

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Back To Basics: The Breakfast Start

I hear from a lot of people that that don’t have time … for grocery shopping, for exercise, for sleep, for a proper breakfast and for everything else on your list. I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT for all of those things YOU need to set the priorities for them if […]

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Clarity For What Counts

  If you keep yourself insanely busy, it does not necessarily mean you’re being productive. Or effective. It can feel like an uphill battle to stick to priorities, bring clarity to your activities and create mini moats around things of value in our high-paced world. But it is possible if you consistently and persistently put […]

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Mean What You Say

It’s a phrase I say to myself  a lot! I say it as a reminder for what I value from others AND what I intend to do consistently in my life. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say Some of us struggle with this more than others as adults. I know when I was […]

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Vegan P90X3 Journey Begins!

  Today marks the start of a new, Vegan Fitness Journey for me! I’m not always so great about sharing my personal struggles (and successes), so it’s time for me to step it up today. Sometimes it’s easy to see the edited or summary results from others and say things like the following: Well, it’s […]

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Ready, Fire, Aim!

  One of the biggest challenges most of us face right now is an overwhelming amount of choices. It can be either mildly distracting or completely paralyzing. And once you’re starting to look at making changes in your life & doing something new, the number of options can stop you right in your tracks. As […]

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My Coaching Elements

There are almost as many types of coaches out there as there are personality types. When you’re looking for someone to start working with, it will need to be someone that pushes you yet respects you – someone you may love to hate at times but also continually helps you progress. My Coaching Style has […]

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Back To Basics: Snacks

Life is already complicated enough as it is … the daily habits for healthy & tasty nutrition don’t have to be complicated. It’s time to get Back To Basics with some simple ideas you can start to weave into your crazy, daily routine! You can either plan ahead for success OR accept the long-term price […]

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Where Are My Results?!

  Have you asked that before? Perhaps even this week? As a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, I certainly get this question from clients as they progress into their journey. No one asks this the first day or usually the first week. But if someone is consistently working out, following the nutrition guide, etc. and not […]

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4 Quick Tips On Handling Fear

Fear There are so many articles and books on handling fear. It can be frightening to just consider the overwhelming amount of tips, wisdom and material on the subject! Here are the 4 Best Tips I use around FEAR in my Life: The habits to better handle FEAR in a positive way are a practice, […]

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My Vacation Agenda

People approach vacations very differently. Some MUST have the entire thing mapped out, perfectly planned & orchestrated or they don’t feel ready. Other folks are happy to have some  basics in place (flights & hotel) and then completely wing all the rest. For those that know me well, it’s no surprise that I have tended […]

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The Sleep Factor

Information Overload! A ToDo List that doesn’t quit! A family that’s constantly needing your attention! A job that honors workaholics who seemingly never sleep or stop! Any of these sound familiar? You’re not alone. Sleep deprivation has some staggering statistics within the US alone which basically says that most of us are chronically sleep-deprived. It […]

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Planning For Your Habits

Planning For Your Habits … Schedule It! A great way to regularly create your High Performance Life is to constantly be giving priority to the healthy habits that move your forward. If you’re not putting it into your calendar ahead of time, you’re more than likely going to make it negotiable, optional or not at […]

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