Vegan P90X3 Journey Begins!

  Today marks the start of a new, Vegan Fitness Journey for me! I’m not always so great about sharing my personal struggles (and successes), so it’s time for me ...

Ready, Fire, Aim!

  One of the biggest challenges most of us face right now is an overwhelming amount of choices. It can be either mildly distracting or completely paralyzing. And once you’re ...

My Coaching Elements

There are almost as many types of coaches out there as there are personality types. When you’re looking for someone to start working with, it will need to be someone ...


Back To Basics: Snacks

Life is already complicated enough as it is … the daily habits ...

Where Are My Results?!

  Have you asked that before? Perhaps even this week? As a ...
reclaim my life

2014 Commitments – Reclaim My Life

For 2014, I’m describing the things I’m putting into place for my ...

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4 Quick Tips On Handling Fear

Fear There are so many articles and books on handling fear. It can be frightening to just consider the overwhelming amount of tips, wisdom and material on the subject! Here are the 4 Best Tips I use around FEAR in my Life: The habits to better handle FEAR in a positive way are a practice, […]

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cultivating authenticity

2014 Commitments – Cultivate Authenticity

For 2014, I’m describing the things I’m putting into place for my next level of growth as Commitments – not resolutions, not goals and not intentions. That word resonates more with me. It’s about a declaration, followed by real action steps and a plan. Be More Vulnerable – Cultivate More Authenticity I learned more about […]

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2013 Annual Review

  2014 is officially here. I’ve been working on journal entries throughout December to be part of my 2013 Annual Review. I’m now (Jan 1, 2014) sitting down to finish putting that together. It was a very busy year, indeed, so my ever recovering perfectionist self was reminded to focus on highlights and trends. This […]

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Steps For Success Are Not Convenient

Success Is Not Always Convenient We humans don’t always make a lot of sense – we admire those that work hard to achieve something AND often hope for super-easy solutions for ourselves. Whether it’s success with your business, your fitness program or in your relationships, the steps to create success over time for them are […]

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Where Do I Start?!

Where Do I Start?!?! Preparing for change, whether for your fitness or nutrition, can be both exciting and overwhelming. Since nutrition is such a key component for any set of goals, I thought I’d write about that specifically today. A method that has always worked well for me and many of my clients is the […]

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Run Your Business – Don’t Let It Run You

  I’ve mentioned it before and it’s true – I still struggle with perfectionism AND having workaholic tendencies. These are entrenched habits. That means when I’m feeling stressed, tired or a bit out of sorts I’ll still fall back to them because they’re the most familiar. Not because they’re necessarily the most helpful at the […]

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Step Away from the …

Reality check time … Do you keep your smartphone on your nightstand? Do you check it as one of the first things you do as you start your day each morning? You’re not alone.  But I’m no longer with you. Let me explain more. I’ll be honest and say I’m as geeky as they come. […]

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