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Feeling stuck, caged or feeling like your efforts are not making the difference you’d like in your life? I was, too.

Until I decided I need to reclaim my own life again …

I use a unique combination of disciplined, logical thinking and intuitive , deeply feeling  nature to help people reclaim their lives again as they step into their greatness. A practical yet passionate approach used to help people’s light shine more brightly – to see what’s possible and step into their own greatness.

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User Reviews

Sean is very personable and knowledgeable. He always makes sure you are on track each week. He always tells me information that I did not know to help me along. Sean is super committed to eating healthy and working out and he will make sure you do the same. Sean personally helped me when I was being crunched for time and my habits were slipping. After working with him I was able to plan my workouts and eat healthier on a day to day basis. I also love reading his inspiring blogs.

I would highly recommend working with Sean so you can reach your goals too as fast as I did!

Robyn N
Sean is someone who really understands what it is like to need help in getting fit while going through personal struggles. It is with this insight that makes him a better trainer than most, because he can speak from experience. … If reaching your goals not only in fitness but in life is important to you, I totally recommend Sean!
Lo H
Sean really helped me stay motivated throughout the 60 day challenge. He knew when to give me a little push, without being overbearing. He stressed improvement, not perfection and certainly understands that “life happens”. I highly recommend Sean’s service if you are considering a new fitness program.
Damon G