Worried About Overtraining?

You’ve attacked your fitness and nutrition plan with consistent action. You’ve lost a large amount of weight already. You’ve created amazing results so far. Now, you’re worried both about overtraining ...

The World as Your Mirror

The 1st time I read this in a book, I thought it was a cute phrase but it did not mean much to me. But once I was truly on ...

Exercise Challenge – Make It Personal

  Keep it real, keep it challenging, keep it personally relevant to your life This advice can be used in many of your Life Areas but today I’m focusing in ...


Mind-Set Matters

  We hear people talking about it. I also know that seeing ...

Starting Your Journey

Today, I’m starting another chapter in my own fitness journey with PiYo. ...

It’s Your Path

It’s Your Path One of the trickiest yet most freeing bits of ...

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Bookend Your Days For Clarity

2015 is here!! Many people spent time at the end of the year to start reflecting on what they will choose to do and start creating in their lives for 2015. I did, too. It’s always time well spent. Now that the New Year is here and you start taking action, you know that the […]

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7-Tips to Combat Overwhelm

  We live in a time with a HUGE abundance of information, knowledge, opportunities and, yes, distractions. There was a time when there were just a few channels in your local TV guide. Now, most cable or satellite television offerings have nearly 1,000 total possible channels depending on your package level. Overwhelming. There are also […]

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Tips for Failing Forward

For many of us, when we hear that word, we start think negatively. We will often think about a regrettable, pitiful person that is continually down on their “luck” and labeled a “failure.” Many of us personalize that word and use it to describe permanent conditions around a person. Not true … As I continue […]

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Collecting Wounded Birds

Collecting Wounded Birds I was doing some of my personal development listening today while cleaning up papers in my office when I heard that term again: Collecting Wounded Birds I’d heard it several times before but I was in a different place with my own awareness today. And I got a new insight today that […]

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Success Speed Limits

Success “Speed” Limits You know what’s really annoying?! Having someone put limits and barriers in your way as you’re making progress. You know what’s even MORE annoying?! When that someone is YOU. There are enough distractions, barriers and challenges coming at us from other people. We really don’t need to add more of our own. […]

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Do the SCARY Thing. Today.

Do the SCARY thing If you’re not already making this a regular habit, it’s time. And not just because it’s the month of October, Halloween and scary movie premiers. Your High Performance Life gets built day by day BUT only if you’re growing as a person consistently. Let me be clear here … Doing the […]

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The Lens of ‘Failure’

I hear from so many people that they still are OR are working past the Prison of Perfectionism. I am, too. It does not get created in one day AND breaking down those walls takes some time. Here are some quick tips that help remind me how to adjust my lens of how I view […]

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You Can’t Control Crazy

  I’ve heard this a few times before and it both makes me laugh while also giving me a great reminder. You Can’t Control Crazy For many of us, life around us almost always seems to be crazy. The people we have to interact with often seem rather uncontrolled and crazy. We cannot control all […]

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The Juggling Act

Juggling Too Much? I sure have been guilty of this in the past. And sometimes it’s easier to justify it to ourselves by saying we’re JUST juggling things that are noble, important and a priority. If EVERYTHING is a priority, then NOTHING is a priority. Tough Love. It’s true that we have so many things […]

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Can You Ever Stop Calorie Counting?

  YES! That’s the quick answer. But please keep reading for more of an explanation. Now, don’t get me wrong. Keeping a food journal, keeping track of your calories as you make nutritional changes is a very important task. It helps you bring awareness to what you eat, it helps you monitor exactly what you’re […]

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Start With The Next Step

You already know this to be true … when working on your goals, you tend to be your own worst enemy. No need to beat yourself up but keep the reminders around that you know will help you get back on track once you trip yourself up. This is reminder for me – the Recovering Perfectionist, […]

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Prison Of Perfectionism

Once you starting chipping away at something, you start to notice how long or how thick the wall from it is. That’s certainly been true as I started a couple years back to break through my Prison of Perfectionism. Many of us have built our own Prison Of Perfectionism over time. The good news is […]

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Busting Through

  The safe life or the caged life is not about busting through – it’s all about KEEPING things as much the same as possible, controlling as much as you can and living from a place of fear, not growth. We’ve all spent time there. Some stay in this Caged Life for nearly their entire lives. […]

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Back To Basics: The Breakfast Start

I hear from a lot of people that that don’t have time … for grocery shopping, for exercise, for sleep, for a proper breakfast and for everything else on your list. I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT for all of those things YOU need to set the priorities for them if […]

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Choose To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Humans are creatures of habit, no doubt. And if those habits are healthy yet consistently challenging ones, this is a good thing! If’ they’re either unhealthy or get routine after a while, that’s not as helpful A key component to a High Performance Life is being able to Dance The Dance between (helpful) routine and […]

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Tips for Whole-Foods Based Vegan Nutrition

One of the great things about having my coaching business is that I’m constantly learning myself while also sharing tips & wisdom with others from my experiences! It’s a great feedback cycle. I often get the questions: How do I best switch to a whole-foods based, vegan diet? And yet make sure I’m getting everything […]

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Clarity For What Counts

  If you keep yourself insanely busy, it does not necessarily mean you’re being productive. Or effective. It can feel like an uphill battle to stick to priorities, bring clarity to your activities and create mini moats around things of value in our high-paced world. But it is possible if you consistently and persistently put […]

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Mean What You Say

It’s a phrase I say to myself  a lot! I say it as a reminder for what I value from others AND what I intend to do consistently in my life. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say Some of us struggle with this more than others as adults. I know when I was […]

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Vegan P90X3 Journey Begins!

  Today marks the start of a new, Vegan Fitness Journey for me! I’m not always so great about sharing my personal struggles (and successes), so it’s time for me to step it up today. Sometimes it’s easy to see the edited or summary results from others and say things like the following: Well, it’s […]

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Ready, Fire, Aim!

  One of the biggest challenges most of us face right now is an overwhelming amount of choices. It can be either mildly distracting or completely paralyzing. And once you’re starting to look at making changes in your life & doing something new, the number of options can stop you right in your tracks. As […]

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My Coaching Elements

There are almost as many types of coaches out there as there are personality types. When you’re looking for someone to start working with, it will need to be someone that pushes you yet respects you – someone you may love to hate at times but also continually helps you progress. My Coaching Style has […]

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Back To Basics: Snacks

Life is already complicated enough as it is … the daily habits for healthy & tasty nutrition don’t have to be complicated. It’s time to get Back To Basics with some simple ideas you can start to weave into your crazy, daily routine! You can either plan ahead for success OR accept the long-term price […]

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Where Are My Results?!

  Have you asked that before? Perhaps even this week? As a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, I certainly get this question from clients as they progress into their journey. No one asks this the first day or usually the first week. But if someone is consistently working out, following the nutrition guide, etc. and not […]

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4 Quick Tips On Handling Fear

Fear There are so many articles and books on handling fear. It can be frightening to just consider the overwhelming amount of tips, wisdom and material on the subject! Here are the 4 Best Tips I use around FEAR in my Life: The habits to better handle FEAR in a positive way are a practice, […]

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