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Does This Ever Describe You?

Feeling stuck and caged? Or somehow like all the chaos and overwhelm from everyone and everywhere else has taken over your life? Me, too. I let the pressures of “trying to do it all” while telling myself that things would get better once (something outside) finally happened. But that’s not how true change happens. I eventually learned I needed better habits in my own life that I now coach people with to help them reclaim their own lives as well.

How I Coach For High Performance

  • Create More Clarity In Your Life
  • More Natural Energy To Fuel Your Goals
  • Choose More Courage Daily
  • Practical Yet Powerful Productivity
  • Ideas To Create More Inspiring Influence
Sean is someone who really understands what it is like to need help in getting fit while going through personal struggles. It is with this insight that makes him a better trainer than most, because he can speak from experience. … If reaching your goals not only in fitness but in life is important to you, I totally recommend Sean!
Lo H.
Sean is very personable and knowledgeable. He always makes sure you are on track each week. He always tells me information that I did not know to help me along. Sean is super committed to eating healthy and working out and he will make sure you do the same. Sean personally helped me when I was being crunched for time and my habits were slipping. After working with him I was able to plan my workouts and eat healthier on a day to day basis. I also love reading his inspiring blogs. I would highly recommend working with Sean so you can reach your goals too as fast as I did!
Robyn N

Here I am …

Sean O'Meara
Sean O'MearaCertified High Performance Coachâ„¢
My coaching mission is to help people put their personal plan together to reclaim their lives – to live like who they are & what they do truly matters.

… and more about me

From as early as I can remember, I was always fascinated by health & wellness: exercise science, nutrition, holistic habits and overall human high performance potential. I even started off college as a Pre-Med.
I’ve also been a lifelong geek/techie. About sophomore year in college, I realized I did not want to go to school for SO long (ie, Med School then a speciality, etc.) before I could actually be working and earning a living. I had already enjoyed some Engineering courses as part of my required breadth requirement and felt that was better for me. Mechanical Engineering and eventually Computer Science.

I worked for nearly two decades in the high tech industry – as a software engineer, architect and development manager before I CHOSE to walk away from the corporate world and truly chart my own course.

  1. Be CLEAR about where you’re truly at today
  2. Be SPECIFIC about where you’d like to go next. Or Be as a person
  3. PICK a healthy, proven program or process yet personalized for you
  4. CREATE accountability and support for the consistency you’ll need
  5. START with at least one action step TODAY! Don’t delay
Working out, hanging out with friends/family, walking & playing with dogs, reading, hosting make-your-own-pizza & board game nights, practical plant-based meals & snacks, singing/composing/playing piano. Simply enjoying life …